Science instruction today is more student-centered, involves more technology, and the Internet adds a whole new dimension. Each classroom is equipped with computers, projector, and a TV/camera ceiling mounted projection system.

Science Labs

Our recently renovated biology, chemistry, and physics labs have the latest lab furnishings and equipment

Additions include new biology specimens, chemistry equipment, and an 8" telescope.

The Vernier LabQuest is a new hand-held device capable of collecting data with a wide variety of probes. It has on-board software to allow graphing, curve-fitting, statistical tests of data, etc. It can be used as a stand-alone unit--taken out to the field or the creek to measure water quality, or used connected to a computer to monitor the velocity of a cart on a hill. Very versatile and user friendly with a color touch-screen.

Some research has shown that the use of probeware increases learning and it certainly is the kind of thing that scientists actually do.

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