Capstone Project for 8th Grade Students

Passion and Purpose -- Eighth Grade Capstone Project

Social justice is an important part of Jesuit education.  All 8th grade students complete a semester long team project on a social justice topic.  Mentored by a faculty member, the project teaches team work, time management and collaboration.  It challenges young men to stretch their creativity to problem solve and search for a solution.  

An example of one capstone project involved economic fair trade for coffee.  Students raised awareness. They created a trifold display and brochures that stated their case.  Following Mass at a local parish, the team distributed free trade coffee samples and brochures while answering questions.  

The capstone project concludes with a group presentation to their classmates.  It showcases a documentary film that highlights their research, challenges, action taken and conclusion.  This represents the culmination of the skills they have learned during their time in the Academy. 

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