High School (9-12)

St. John’s Jesuit High School Admissions Process


A high school student is defined as a student entering grade 9 in August of 2019.  Below is the admissions process:

St. John’s Jesuit Admissions Process 

  • Take the Placement Test at St. John’s Jesuit.
  • Complete and submit an online application.
  • Have your current school complete the evaluation.
  • Join us for a Titan For A Day visit.

Required Links for Admissions

On-line Application 
(Interested HS, Academy, Transfer and Exchange Students)

School Evaluation (completed by teacher or counselor)
(Required for HS, Transfer, and Academy)

Required Placement Test December 1st 

To reserve a seat email apetrie@sjjtitans.org. 

Titan for a Day

Contact Andi Petrie at apetrie@sjjtitans.org 

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