Pastoral Ministries

The Office of Pastoral Ministries deepens the spiritual lives of young men and brings them closer to Christ so they will be generous in service to others. Through the work of Pastoral Ministries, St. John’s Jesuit provides an environment that develops Christian leaders and fosters spiritual growth through the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer services, Christian Service, and theology classes. 

The Office of Pastoral Ministries - The Heart of it All!

Campus Ministry*–  opportunities for spiritual development through offerings of Mass, special liturgies, communion services, prayer services, retreats, and liturgical instrumental and vocal ensembles. Christian

Service*–  experiences to meet the needs of marginalized populations in our local, national, and international communities through daily service and immersion trips, followed by advocacy through groups such as the student-led Social Justice Alliance and various advocacy teams that travel to Washington, D.C., multiple times a year.

Theology Studies–  courses required for all students are designed to develop a young man’s spirituality through daily classroom discussion and prayer. This curriculum, combined with challenging service requirements, develops individuals who become life-long servant leaders.  

*Opportunities for students to get involved as individuals, on committees, and in leadership roles.
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