Process For Juniors and Seniors

At the beginning of each semester, the Christian Service Department holds a recruitment assembly. At the assembly, students hear about the experiences of previous volunteers and agency directors. They also are informed about the process of signing up to serve through the Christian Service department.

The following are the steps involved in the sign-up process.

  1. Initial Request Forms handed in: Initial Request forms provide the moderators of the program with a tremendous amount of information that assists them in placing a particular student at an agency. 
  2. Once the initial request forms are handed in, the student is then placed at an agency.
  3. Once students have been assigned to an agency, they have to hand in a "Christian Service Program Release" form.
  4. Students who have chosen to serve during school time also have to hand in a "Christian Service Release-Time Contract" for each class they miss. This form has to be filled out and signed by the appropriate teacher, a parent, a Christian Service moderator, and the student. The student, teacher and moderator each retain a copy. Students are responsible for all the assignments and class work they miss.
  5. Once the permission forms and contracts are handed in, the students start to volunteer at their chosen agencies.
  6. Students sign in and out at school and at their agencies on a weekly basis.
  7. During the semester, students are required to complete three written reflections on our online Naviance program and attend three group reflection sessions. 
  8. At the end of the semester evaluations are completed by the agency supervisors and returned to St. John's.
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