All Saints Day

All Saints Day
Posted on 11/01/2017
The English word “saint” comes from the Latin sanctus for “holy,” which in turn comes from the Greek hagios for “holy ones.”  Saints include not only all those who are in heaven– whether recognized by the Church officially or not – but also those on earth who are already leading holy lives.  

To become an official saint through the canonization process of the Roman Catholic Church you have to be dead first.  You must die with a reputation for holiness having lived a life that brought many people around you closer to God.  

Saints serve as our “prophetic witnesses,” spurring us to live more fully as Christian disciples.  Yes, it is true, all you need is Jesus; but God in His wisdom has given us saints as companions of Jesus to accompany us along the way.  Everything saints say and do is centered on Christ and points us in his direction.

Catholics pray to “patron saints” - saints who have a special connection with the person or institution.  The patron saint of St. John’s Jesuit is St. John Berchmans; Berchmans died at the age of twenty-two.  His life was so “holy” that he inspired Jesuits and people three times his age to live a more Christian life.  He is a perfect patron for a high school.  
(The above was taken from All the Pope’s Saints, The Jesuits Who Shaped Pope Francis by Fr. Sean Salai, S.J.  A group of SJJ faculty and staff are reading this book in our spiritual book group.)

Our school day today begins with an all-school All Saints Day Mass.  We pray in thanks for all those saints in our lives, official, unofficial, or living, who inspire us to lead more Christ-like lives. Former SJJ teacher Susie Beeman requests our prayers on this All Saints Day for Denese Taylor, her niece, who lost her five-year struggle with lung cancer last January. “May it please the supreme and divine Goodness to give us all abundant grace and ever to know His most holy will and perfectly fulfill it.” (This is a prayer was added to many letters that St. Ignatius wrote.) St. John Berchmans, pray for us.  St. Ignatius, pray for us.  All Saints of the Church, pray for us.  

Worthy Disciples

Everyone therefore who acknowledges me before others, I also will acknowledge before my Father in heaven; but whoever denies me before others, I also will deny before my Father in heaven.  (Matthew 10:32-33)

How do I acknowledgement the Lord to those I meet each day?
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