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SJJ Parents

The upcoming school year bus route is updated at the beginning of each school year. Parents choosing bus service from SJJ, please complete the request form and return it to SJJ attention Transportation to reserve a seat.

SJJ Yellow Bus Transportation Form

The fees will be $2.00 each way. Questions and more information can be obtained by email or by phone 419.865.5743 ext 3406.

Have a wonderful summer!

Lesia McHugh, Transportation Director

Important Information

  • SJJ bus route was established to help provide a solution for transportation in areas/school districts where transportation is not available or provided.
  • The SJJ bus route begins at 6:30am with students arriving at SJJ between 7:45 and 8am. In the afternoon, the SJJ bus leaves at 3:15pm with the last stop being scheduled no later than 5pm.
  • Each year the route and bus stops are adjusted to accommodate as many riders as possible with a capacity of 44 on each bus.
  • Please check with your local school district's transportation department to determine if they provide transportation to and from St. John' Jesuit,
  • When riding a SJJ Yellow School Bus, attendance is recorded in both the morning and afternoon with a fee of $2.00 charged each way. This fee is billed monthly based on the number of times your son(s) ride.

SJJ Transportation Route TURN By TURN


6:16 leave SJJ

Right on airport

Right on Reynolds

Left on Glendale

Left on South Byrne

6:30 Stop at the gas station, pick up Elijah Speller, Raymond Ng Lin

Right on Arlington

6:32 Pick up at the bus stop, pick up Deangelo Lane

Left on A SIDE STREET and do the block to turn around 

Right on Arlington 

Right on Byrne rd

6:45 Stop at Nebraska, pick up Kamron Jones, Kam'rin McDonald, Abdoulsalan Faqi

Right on Nebraska 

Right on Detroit ave 

6:50 Stop at Belmont, pick up Joshua Matlock 

Right on Dorr

6:52Stop at Mott library, pick up at Taron Banks and Tyvon Allen

Left on Lawrence

6:54 Stop at Lincoln, pick up David Pope and Yusuf Shabazz

Right on Monroe st

Left Jefferson

Left on Collingwood

Right on Central

6:57 Stop at Cherry St    (Rally's), pick up Korie Rushing

Left on Lagrange

6:59 Stop at Dairy mart, pick up Jordan Young, Marquis Holmes

Right on Detroit

Left on Waggoneer

Left on Bennett

Right on Eleanor

7:01 Stop at turn Bennett and Eleanor, pick up Ethan Hittler

Left on Lewis

Right on Sylvania Ave

7:03 Stop at Rite aid, pick up Frankie Lizcano

7:05 Stop at Post Office, pick up Isaiah Rivera, Kamarr Holloway, Trey and Gunnar Lake  

7:07 Stop at Alders gate church, pick up Braden Emrick and Jacob Clark

Left on Douglas

Right on Kenwood

7:11 Stop after the turn, pick up James Valentine and Antonio Williams, Blaze Whitton

Left on Secor

Right on Indian

7:18 Stop at Evergreen  O.H. high school, pick up Alex and William Peseckis

Left on Falmouth

7:20 Stop at Thamens, pick up Thamen boys 3 plus Frankie Martinez

7:21 Stop at the island, pick up Francis Boys 3

Left on Brookside 

Right on Talmadge

Right on Bancroft

Left on Reynolds

7:25 Stop at Florita St., pick up Duncan Schultz

Left on Dorr St

7:27 Stop at Library Plaza, pick up T'Shaun Johnson

Right on Richards

Right on Hill Ave 

7:30 Stop at Torrington, pick up Daniel Harvey

Left on Reynolds

7:34 Stop at Nebraska,  pick up Isaiah brand Adams, Emariyon and Eliyon Johnson 

Right on airport   


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