Carty Fox Commons

Carty Fox Commons

The Carty Fox Commons focuses on providing our students with an engaging space for relaxation and socialization.  Designed and formatted to function much like a college student union, the area features a student lounge with comfortable furniture, an eating and gathering area, a food court, a  fireplace  and a gaming area. The Sawicki Family Music Center, McQuade Theater and Titan Spirit Store are all conveniently located in the central student gathering place.

The food area offers a wide variety of options. Healthy options for lunches and food for after school activities are provided. A grill area offers breakfast as well as healthy lunchtime alternatives. Food service starts before school for breakfast and stays open to accommodate after-school activities.

With nearly all our students staying after school for activities and athletics, the Carty Fox Commons provides a comfortable space to read, catch up on homework or play a game of cards with fellow Titans.  Natural light from a full bank of windows and a fireplace makes the area conducive to relaxing for a few minutes after a busy day of academics.


image of the Carty Fox Commons mural and floor


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