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Senior Project Director
Mr. Brian Marciniak

Senior Project:

Senior Project In the context of the philosophy of St. John's Jesuit High School, the Senior Project will again be conducted this coming May. When you first came to St. John's Jesuit, you joined other young men in the search for your own growth and development in an emerging Christian community. Together with your parents, we try to help you realize that ultimately it is you who must develop yourself into a responsible person in the real world. Over the past four years we have set high goals for your personal development. This personal growth must be guided by ongoing reflection, reflection not only on your classroom work, but reflection on your role in the civic community at large and your responsibility to the service of that community. And so, an SJJ student must be challenged to experience the wider community, to come to grips with society at large, and to begin a deeper and more reflective process of understanding his role in this society. To help your personal growth and ongoing reflective process, the Senior Project has been instituted. While some may argue that removing you from a strictly academic environment during the last two weeks of the school year will hinder your performance in college, we believe the contrary: success in college is not only determined by how much you have learned in high school, but also how well you have mastered a method of how to learn. The senior project is presented to you as a means of helping you learn how to handle freedom and responsibility. Critical to your growth and development is reflection of an ongoing experience with the adult world. This may include looking at potential future occupations or careers, developing goals to meet these expectations, and judging whether these goals were met or determining why they weren't. In summary, the Senior Project is an educational experience that is designed and planned to help you grow into a responsible adult. Specifically, you are to design and execute an experience in one or both of the following areas: VOCATION/CAREER EXPLORATION OR VOLUNTEER/SOCIAL SERVICE The actual implementation of the project will take place in early May. Evaluation of your projects will take place during your project, and immediately after your project, before graduation. In addition, you are to construct a written rationale for your project. Your community sponsor, parents, project moderator, and finally a committee of faculty members must approve these. The completion of this project is pass or fail and is a graduation requirement.


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