Senior Project Guidelines

Success in college is largely determined by what you have learned in high school and how well you have mastered how to learn. The senior project, which is mandatory, is meant to augment personal growth while helping students learn how to handle freedom and responsibility.

Specifically, students are to design and execute an experience in one or both of the following areas: Volunteer/Social Service or Vocation/Career Exploration.

To read more about the guidelines for Senior Project, or to fill out a proposal form or check the calendar, click on the links that follow.

Senior Project Paper Guidelines

Contact the Senior Project Director

Senior Project Director
Mr. Brian Marciniak


The Senior Project Proposal Form is in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have Word at home, then you will want to complete the form in the Iott Center. If  you are a potential sponsor, a parent or a student, feel free to contact the Senior Project Director to ask a question or make a comment. Email can be used to send a student evaluation form, or to send in copies of your journal, if requested by the Senior Project moderators.

Please note on the form what sections you need to type and where you are allowed to use a pen.

Make sure you SAVE your form somewhere -- if you need to revise it, then it will be simple if you have saved a copy.

Recognize that you need to provide TWO COPIES of your form, AND attach ONE set of directions (Google, Mapquest, etc.) to one of your copies.

Proposal Form
Out of Town Rationale

If you need help explaining the Senior Project to a potential sponsor, or if you wish to break the ice or simply clarify something with regard to the Senior Project, then take along a copy of the Sponsor Letter when you visit a prospective sponsor.

Remember, when approaching a sponsor, be clear about what your expectations are with regard to the project. Let him or her know that you have goals in mind that you would like to share, to make sure that you are both on the same page.

Sponsor Letter



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