SAT/ACT Accomodations

Minor Adjustment Plans (M.A.P.)

Any student with current documentation on file of a learning disability may have a Minor Adjustment Plan at SJJ. This plan will give the student minor accommodations in the classroom that are appropriate for the identified learning disability. Qualified students may also apply for the same accommodations on the SAT and/or ACT exams. Please contact the SJJ Learning Specialist, Ms. Nixon, if you have questions about the Minor Adjustment Plans.

Web Links for SAT/ACT Accommodations

The College Board web site has information regarding eligibility for accommodations when taking the SAT. Click here for that information, and be sure to contact your counselor or Mrs. Nixon here at SJJ.

For ACT, click here for information.

Services for Students with Disabilities

St. John's Jesuit students who have documented disabilities may qualify to take the ACT and/or SAT in non-traditional settings. The testing companies have established guidelines for the necessary documentation.

The documentation must be written by the diagnosing professional and meet ALL of these guidelines:

  • States the specific disability as diagnosed
  • Is current (no more than three years old)
  • Describes the presenting problem(s) and developmental history, including relevant educational and medical history
  • Describes the comprehensive assessments (neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluations), including evaluation dates, used to arrive at the diagnosis:
  • For learning disabilities, provides test results, with standard scores and percentiles (including subtests), from:
    • an aptitude assessment using a complete, valid, and comprehensive battery,
    • a complete achievement battery,
    • an assessment of information processing, and
    • evidence that alternative explanations were ruled out.

For ADD/ADHD, includes:

  • evidence of early impairment,
  • evidence of current impairment, including presenting problem and diagnostic interview,
  • evidence that alternative explanations were ruled out,
  • results from valid, standardized, age-appropriate assessments, and
  • number of applicable DSM-IV criteria and how they impair the individual.

For visual, hearing, and other physical disorders, provides results from complete ocular, audiologic, or other appropriate medical examination:

  • Describes the functional limitations resulting from the disability, as supported by the test results.
  • Describes the specific recommended accommodations and provides a rationale explaining how these specific accommodations address the functional limitations.
  • Establishes the professional credentials of the evaluator, including information about licensure or certification, education, and area of specialization.

We will need to complete the necessary request forms at least 6-8 weeks prior to the test date so that they have time to evaluate the information. When we submit the forms to the testing companies for approval, we must verify that the student is receiving the requested services on a regular basis at school.

Please contact the School Counseling Office if you have further questions.

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