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Ron Miller Titan For Life

 Ryan Wisniewski '97 and Ron Miller

  Goal: $1,500,000



Titan Legacy Students

Ensure every son of a Titan alum is awarded financial assistance to have the same opportunity as his father.

Facult Retention/Development

Annually award five (5) outstanding faculty members with $1,000 for continued education in their field

Alumni Networking

Support the funds necessary to host local and national alumni receptions, and enhance technology to help connect alums with each other.

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“His passion for SJJ and
its mission isn’t
surpassed by many, if any.
He has taught, coached,
mentored, advised,
created, nurtured, cheered…
well, you get the idea,
he cares, a lot!”
- Mike Gavin ‘72


“It was 1968, and 
I was 21 years old,
the very first time
I set foot inside
St. John’s Jesuit.
48 years later,
I’m still proud to call
SJJ ‘home’.
- Ron Miller


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