All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus

All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus
Posted on 11/05/2018
All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus
“Once we achieve humility, God will take over and grant courage and wisdom to all who trust in Him.” (Fr. Joseph N. Tylenda, S.J.)

Today the Society of Jesus joyfully remembers their brothers who have been canonized and beatified. Besides the Society’s 53 saints and over 130 Blessed, there are other Jesuits, whose love of God and humble lives have been rewarded by God by taking them to Himself in heaven. The Society may not be able to give names of these Jesuits or their number, but there is an awareness that they, although not formally made saints, are, in fact, with God in heaven.  

The goal of Jesuits is holiness; the goal of all our lives is holiness. To be holy is to be completely trusting and dedicated to God, our loving Father. St. Ignatius made it clear that the goal of this religious order that he started was to become holy and strive to make those with whom they come in contact to be holy as well.  

To be holy is to be humble as Christ was humble. In the Epistle to the Philippians, Paul says “Christ always had the nature of God, but he did not think that by force he should try to become equal with God. Instead of this, of his own free will he gave up all he had, and took the nature of a servant.” 

Many of the Saints and Blessed gave their lives to God in great suffering. All are called to sainthood, but it is not about grand deeds, it is about imitating Christ and Saints, and Blessed in their humility.

On this day I remember the Jesuits that I have worked with at SJJ who have passed to the Lord (Fr. Ron Torina, Fr. Patrick Hussey, Fr. William Hussey, Fr. John Lasca, Fr. Henry Birkenhauer, Fr. Charles Sweeney, Fr. Peter Deane, Br. John Sebian, Fr. Ted Walters, Fr. Clayton Schario, Fr. Tom Ryan, Fr. Joseph Scharf, Fr. Roman Welton, Fr. Oz Marshall, and Brother Thomas Haidet). I give thanks for their models of humble faith. Lord, we pray for all saints who live beside us whose weaknesses and strengths are woven with our own, we praise You, O Lord. All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus, pray for us. St. John Berchmans, pray for us. St. Ignatius Loyola, pray for us.  

“Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love.” – St. Therese of Lisieux

“Everything is a grace, everything is the direct effect of our Father’s love – difficulties, contradictions, humiliations, all the soul’s miseries, burdens, needs – everything, because through them, the soul learns humility, realizes its weakness. Everything is a grace because everything is God’s gift. Whatever be the character of life or its unexpected events – to the heart that loves, all is well. (St. Therese of Lisieux)
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