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Welcome to SJJ Connections.  We hope you are as excited about the new opportunities that are presented to the SJJ Alumni Community through the use of the this great technology.

Please allow 2 business days for account authorization.  You will receive temporary access to the site, but will have not be able to access the full features of the alumni directory until after your account has been verified. 

The menu on the left will help you navigate to the various pages and/or features that are now available to SJJ Alums.  Below you'll find Frequently Asked Questions that will highlight the various features and functionality of SJJ Connections. 

If you need assistance beyond this, please do not hesitate to call Nick Vargas'06, Director of Alumni Relations at (419) 865-5743 x0770.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SJJ Connections?

SJJ Connections is the latest technology to help graduates of St. John's Jesuit High School & Academy develop stronger connections with (1) their fellow classmates from around the world, (2) other graduates of SJJ, and (3) your alma mater by getting the latest updates on SJJ and sharing with us what's new in your life.

Where do each of the links on the left take me?
If you ever get "lost" you can use the links on the left side of the page to guide you.

Home - The "official" home page for the SJJ Alumni Community.
My Profile - View and update your contact information for SJJ and your classmates to contact you.  Here you can control how much or how little information is shared with the rest of the alumni community.  (Note: Alums must be logged in to SJJ Connections to see more than your "basic information.")
Calendar - View upcoming events hosted by the SJJ Alumni Office.
Events - Get more information, and links to registration for upcoming SJJ Alumni events.
News - See the latest Alumni News and keep up with SJJ Alumni that are making headlines across the country.  (Note: You can subscribe to this page by clicking the orange RSS feed button near the top of the page.)
Alumni Directory - It's like a yearbook, without all the bad hair styles.  Search for classmates by graduation year, last name, current address and occupation.
Class Notes - Have a baby, get a new job, win an award?  This is the place to read and be read.  Click here to submit/view the latest class notes. 
Log In / Log Out - Click here to enter or leave SJJ Connections.  You must be logged in to see more than "basic information" from your classmates.

What "Basic Information" is accessible without logging in to SJJ Connections?
Only your name, graduation year, city and state are accessible without a vaild username and password to SJJ Connections.

I do not want to share particular information with the SJJ Alumni Community.  How do I control privacy?
Each user defines their own "private" information.  Private information is not viewable online through SJJ Connections.  You control these setting by clicking on "My Profile" and then selecting "update My Profile" near the top of the page.  From here you can select or deselect privacy controls on each line of information.  (Note: If you have additional questions regarding this, please contact Nick Vargas'06, Director of Alumni Relations at (419) 865-5743 x0770

Can SJJ Connections save my credit card information to make repeat payments easier?
No.  Your credit card information cannot be saved into SJJ Connections.  If you are interested in doing repeat payments, please submit the recurring payment or automatic withdrawal form, which is available under the Giving page at


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