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Our Campus 

Our 54 acres at Holland Sylvania and Airport Highway is an oasis of green in the middle of a highly traveled area. Our spire atop the school marks the rolling landscape where teams practice and compete on fields, including the newly built Lyden Field, for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football and rugby. Our running track sees plenty of use and the 80-strong Titan marching band is also a frequent group found on the property.

The school's technology wing is one of the most sophisticated in the region. Computer access is in myriad places and readily available in the Iott Resource Center. An emphasis on the arts is apparent in the Fox Music Lab, Sawicki Family Music Center and in the McQuade Theater.

A stroll through the building shows an emphasis on art and an intertwining of scenes of Sacred scripture as well as the rich history of the Society of Jesus.

Science labs, a publications area, a TV studio and two gyms, one an auxiliary and the other domed, round out the academic side of campus.

The Carty Fox Commons is a student union with lounge, deli and place for leisure. Internet access is also available.


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