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Mission Statement

The Iott Center supports the curriculum at SJJ. The purpose of the Center is to make available the most scholarly and up-to-date materials in a variety of formats for class assignments, and to give each student the opportunity to learn and explore.

Modern Update

During the Summer of 2010, significant improvements were made in the IOTT Center. Today, it is a more student-friendly, technology-focused area.

Improvements include more comfortable furniture, an A+ Center Writing Lab, laptops for students to check out, and an added emphasis for online database research. A ‘Mac' Lab has been added for students and classroom use and will be used for academic research.

The physical upgrade to the IOTT Center creates a more relaxed feel which provides students with an environment of comfort and collegiality. Students using the IOTT Center will be better able to engage in learning in a more community-focused area.

In the Fall of 2015, the IOTT Center improved its learning environment once again. Removing a majority of  book shelves for more modern learning resources including technology carrels, mointors and TV's, student friendly studying and gathering place. Study booths and ergonomic furniture were added to heighten interaction and guided study opportunities.


  • Laptop checkout for daily use in room
  • Open WiFi access for wireless enabled devices
  • Collection of over 10,000 books
  • Over 40 periodical subscriptions
  • Extensive video collection for classroom use
  • CD-ROM collection for in-house use
  • Electronic circulation and card catalog
  • Laptops
  • Photocopier on premises
  • Overnight Reference material check-out
  • Individual and class research instruction available

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