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Student Life

The Office of Student Life is a new initiative St. John's has developed with the intention of offering our students opportunities to get involved with extracurricular activities based on Ignatian Identity. In order to fulfill all student necessities, a team of Deans serves in the Office of Student Life and is in charge of events and activities. It is the team's intent to be a part of every stage of each student's high school career by providing innovative experiences and thorough support.

Director of Student Life: Claudio Cabrera

Freshman Dean: Kaycee Hardiman

Sophomore Dean: Sophia Fay

Junior Dean: Kyle Zwyer

Senior Dean: Francis Carnicom

Mentor Groups Dean: Angela Rogers 

Student Council

The Student Council, which consists of two students per grade, represents the student body in the Office of Student Life. Council members fill a crucial role in the Office of Student Life by being the "voice" of the student body and providing input on behalf of the students. 

 Student Body President (Senior): Carson Borkosky

Student Body Vice President (Senior): Matthew Butson

Junior Grade President: Colgan Carcher

Junior Grade Vice President: Alec Simon

Sophomore Grade President: Zachary Meeker

Sophomore Grade Vice President: Jalil Mitchell  

Freshman Grade President: Jack Ryder

Freshman Grade Vice President: Richard Scheich


  • Looking to meet new friends, be involved with current friends, want to learn more about Spanish, Chinese, learn how to juggle, fly fish, martial arts? These are just a few of our clubs.. With more than 50 clubs and activities, there is literally something for everyone.
  • While academics are major, we know a well-rounded student develops all his talents. Colleges and universities are also looking for involvement as success indicators.
  • With an "Activities Period" is built into the school day once a month, with teachers as moderators, there is no way to avoid a club just for you.
  • Freshman attend an "Activities Fair" in August  and a rep from every organization is there to sign you up.

Other After School Activities

Ambassadors, Battle of the Bands, Bowling, Crew, Dodgeball, Film Study, Harry Potter, Inscape, Ping Pong, Quiz Bowl, Social Justice Alliance, Student Council and Yearbook.

No matter where your interests lie, there is a place for everyone. And if you're feeling creative and have an idea, you can start a club of your own!


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