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Mission Statement


World As One cultivates international relationships in a Christ-centered, supportive learning environment.  Students develop an understanding and respect for one another’s beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures, creating a life-long community that values and advocates justice and peace in the world.



For more information on any of these programs, contact Mrs. Mallory Cabrera   or call 419.865.5743 ext.0713.


History of the Program


2003 - The program is launched with six students; since then SJJ has had over 100 students from 20 different countries, including China, Italy, Thailand, Palestine,Norway, Guatemala, Germany and Taiwan


2007- The World As One program is expanded to include a  three-week exchange with Jesuïtes CASP Sagrat Cor de Jesús in Barcelona, Spain

2013- The World As One program initiated  a partnership with EF Education First to promote annual Global Student Leaders Summits

  1. March 2014 “The Global Economy and Social Responsibility” in Shanghai, China        
  2. March 2015 “Environmental Sustainability” in San José, Costa Rica                            
  3. June 2015 “Innovation and the Future of Education” in Davos, Switzerland

2013 - The World As One  program inaugerated  the Model UN program, sending 8 students to their first Model UN conference in January 2014.

Graduation and Non-Graduation Tracks for International Students

Graduation-track students (F-1 Visa)                                                                                                                                                                            Complete one to four years of study, depending on entry grade level.

Non-graduation track students (J-1 Visa)                                                                                                                                                                     Complete one year of study as either a sophomore or junior.


Host Families

Kind and generous host families are essential to the success of this program. As every year 10-15 new and returning international students arrive in the fall to meet or reunite with their host families and begin the school year.

Academic Support

All international students are supported in their academics, activities, social interactions, and future goals through the World As One office, ESL classes and support, A+ Learning Center, and College Resource Center.





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