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Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy

The JVLA Vision

Our Vision is to utilize technology to connect every Jesuit secondary school throughout the world for the benefit of their students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni and friends. To do this we must operate as St. Ignatius and his companions did - with the spirit of an explorer sent to the frontiers.

To expect our students to be open to growth, we must be open. To expect our students to innovate, we must be innovative.

To expect our students to lead, we must show leadership.

Imagine a classroom without walls, a classmate who gets to class 12 hours after you do, a teacher from across the country, and a guest lecturer from the other side of the globe. This is your opportunity to be part of an educational experience that will change the way you think about school.

The best of both worlds. Combining spirited Jesuit pedagogy (dating back to the Ratio Studiorum of 1599) and the innovation of online learning, the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy allows you to benefit from this new and exciting learning environment.

Enrollment: Students will be able to enroll in courses offered online through the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA). The online courses are taught by faculty members from other Jesuit high schools from around the country. There are a variety of courses offered from technology to Advanced Placement. The standard cost for a semester course is $240 and a year-long course is $335. The only other cost associated with the course will be for books, though, depending on the course, books may not be required. Students can register with their counselor or see Asst. Academic Principal Beth Hyder for a registration form. You may download the JVLA course curriculum guide by following the link below. Again, the course credit and grade will be applied to the high school transcript.

Course Offerings: St. John’s Jesuit has 16 in-house AP classes along with eight additional AP courses offered through the JVLA (listed below), bringing the total number of AP Classes offered at SJJ to 24. Follow the link to see what other online courses are available.

AP Art History

AP Computer Science

AP Environmental Science

AP European History

AP Italian

AP Macroeconomics


AP Psychology


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